Thursday 1 July 2010

Hybridising peas: the video

Here's a demonstration of the method of hand pollinating peas for anyone who has 10 minutes and 39 seconds to spare. Sorry about the business with the cat, he distracted me and it wasn't really possible to edit it.


Rhizowen said...

That's not a cat - it's a puma. Excellent edutainment - not just the cat. I would have severed tendons and arteries by now with that scalpel. The simple pleasures of diploid sex and disomic segregation - makes me feel kind of wistful.

Mal's Allotment said...

Thanks Rebsie - I'm a need to see it sort of person so really appreciate the vid (as with the spud instructions).

ps. I'n not getting on with my raised bed - no chance of a wall building vid? (winking smiley)

Kath said...

That would have been SO useful 2 years ago! But I plodded on regardless. I hope it inspires more people to have a go at a simple, pleasurable passtime with edible results.
Rhizowen, I use pointed tweezers for the keel severing and unripe pollen removal and a child's paintbrush for pollen transfer. That's how I still have the same number of fingers!
Well done Rebsie (and Cat!)

Betonyjoy said...

I've never really grown peas before and I'm really happy to have your almost expert knowledge to help me along.

Your ginger cat is a cutie - mine has sadly gone, but now I can see that it wasn't just him, ALL ginger cats are eccentric and affectionate almost to the point of embarrassment!

Keep up your wonderful work, both of you

Jaspenelle said...

Good lord! I'm with Rhizowen, that is no cat, that is a puma! (And completely adds to the video, but then I have a big ginger cat too...) Your video, and blog in general, encourages me that I can create my own hybrids.

Celia Hart said...

That was so interesting Rebsie. I haven't yet tried crossing peas, but love growing lots of varieties especially the purple podded types.

My ginger cat has been inspired to appear more often on my blog ;-)


Rebsie Fairholm said...

I should point out that the scalpel I use in my breeding work is actually quite blunt - I haven't changed the blade for 10 years. I'm not fit to be left in charge of a sharp one. I started my graphic design career back in the days when it was all done with scalpel and pasteboard, and on my very first day in my first job I managed to get blood all over their carpet. Fortunately in my next job they gave me a Mac instead, which has no sharp edges.

Mal - if I'd done a video about building my brick wall it would just have been full of swearing.

Mez (the cat) is grateful for the compliments. Would you believe my other cat (Ms Not-appearing-on-this-blog) is bigger? And hairy with it.

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keen101 said...

Rebsie, do you still have this video that you could upload again?

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