Thursday 10 April 2008

Sunshine and snow

View from the window of my music studio, across the neighbour's gardens (with my potting shed in the foreground).

We had snow at the weekend.

This is a fairly rare sight in Cheltenham because we don't get much snow here. The town is built within a cosy semicircle of Cotswold hills which provide us with a very pleasant sheltered microclimate. It's not uncommon for the surrounding hills to be completely white while the town itself has no snow at all. There's even some old local rhyme about it which I can't quite remember but it's something along the lines of oo-arr, there be snow in them therr hills but never a flake in the town.

So I was a bit surprised to open the curtains the other morning and find warm spring sunshine beaming across a thick layer of fresh snow. Needless to say it melted quickly in the sunshine but it was lovely while it lasted.

A view down the length of my garden as the snow starts to melt

Meanwhile I have a greenhouse at last! Here it is:

Yeah, it'll look better when it's put up.


Joanna said...

Love the combination of snow with your neighbour's tropical plants ;)

Good luck with the greenhouse


Celia Hart said...

What fun - a new greenhouse! How have you managed without one?

I've moved the peas into a plastic cloche - open during the day - to harden off. They are doing brilliantly and all are subtly different. Can't wait to see all the different flowers.


Matron said...

Look forward to seeing your new greenhouse. Are you doing it yourself, or getting someone to do it for you? I am having to get a new one at some time in the future. BTW, don't feel strange about having obsessions with various aspects of seed culture and veggie gardening, we all understand! I LOVE my compost heap, people just don't understand!