Thursday 19 July 2007

Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast

White beetroot, a modern version of a centuries old variety called Albina Vereduna, and two 19th century varieties, Golden with orange skin and yellow flesh, and the curiously exotic Egyptian Turnip Rooted.

This week I've made the first of what I hope will be many appearances on the Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast, presented by Emma of Fluffius Muppetus.

I'm going to be doing a few reviews of different heritage vegetables and suggesting the best varieties to look out for. This week I'm looking at heritage beetroot of assorted colours and shapes, including the three in the photos.


Evington Hilltop Adventures said...

Hi, I am so impressed with your blog that I have put a link to it on mine. Keep up the great work, its inspiring.


fluffystuff said...

I am having beet envy. I did try to grow some this year, but they were very woody. They were a red and white type, from a friend's seeds, long root, slices look like bullseye. Like chewing sugar cane- sweet and stringy. I am alone in my desire for beets though. Family is not interested. I will try again next winter- probably a red detroit as that is what I is readily available.Love you blog, Fluffystuff

kate said...

Those look wonderful ... I think the podcasts are great ideas. It's a way to share your knowledge and advice about the best varieties to grow.