Wednesday 14 March 2007

Blogger technical irritations

Has anybody else been having minor but nevertheless irritating technical problems since switching to the new super-duper version of Blogger?

I'm a bit miffed, because most of the sparkly new features are things I don't need, and the only one that is useful (the template editing) won't work in my browser. And now it seems I can't upload pictures with my browser either. I'm a Mac user so I normally use Safari, but Blogger doesn't fully support Safari. It's worked fine up till now (albeit with some of the editing buttons missing) but now I can't upload images any more I'm having to open Firefox just to make blog posts. (I don't want to have to adopt Firefox as my main browser 'cause I'm not hugely fond of it and everything else on the internet works fine in Safari.)

* mutter - grumble - grizzle *

1 comment:

lilymarlene said...

It is a royal pain now as you say. I find though that now I use Picasa for blogging pictures it is much better than before. I can control the order in which they load for instance. Then I can go in afterwards and edit through the Dashboard if I want to.