Friday 25 August 2006

Gallery of horticultural shame

It's always nice to put up photos of pretty flowers and voluptuous produce, but just in case anybody was getting the impression that my garden is all beauty and bounty or that I know how to grow everything, I'm going to own up to a few things you don't normally see on the blog.

Basil is my favourite herb, but I can't grow the bloody stuff to save my life. This is my current crop of finest Italian purple, Basilico Violetto Aromatico. If anyone can suggest any tips for how to grow it I'd be grateful to hear them.

A several-months-old San Marzano tomato plant. Mm, something tells me this one isn't going to produce ripe fruit before the first frosts.

The godawful mess down the side of the shed ... and this is after I tidied it.

Sweet William

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Carol Michel said...

Ah, the dark side of gardening, the things that don't work out, the messes that don't seem to get cleaned up. Thanks for being willing to share yours.