Monday 30 July 2007

Floodblog ... Days 5, 6 & 7

Cheltenham washing-up

No I haven't succumbed to typhoid, I've been too busy and/or too tired to blog for a few days. We spent the weekend in Burton-on-Trent, which was a very welcome relief from our waterless regime. I mentioned the other day that I was being interviewed on an internet radio station to promote my album ... well, the show's presenter very kindly offered to let Ian and I stay at his house overnight so that we could have a shower and refill our water bottles. We were down to our last litre of stored tapwater so it was very timely and we're very grateful to Paul and Lynn for their kindness in looking after us.

Back in Cheltenham though, there's no change in the situation for us yet. We're managing all right with the drinking water, and with a plentiful supply of rainwater to flush the lav. I'm very grateful to my friends Erin and Bryony who showed up on the doorstep this afternoon with a 5-litre bottle of spring water, having been through their own traumas and dramas with the flooding, and now taking the trouble to help us out. We really appreciate it.

The things which are really difficult are laundry and (worst of all) washing-up. Some parts of the town have now had their water switched back on, but it's basically just sludge that's coming out of the taps ... suitable for toilet flushing only. You can't drink it or wash dishes in it, not even if you boil it first. It's possibly OK to do laundry with it, but only at a 60° wash. And ours isn't back on yet anyway, so it looks like I'll be taking a few more outdoor showers before this is over. That's OK though ... my hair was really soft and fluffy after that dousing, much better than washing it in tap water. Don't believe any of the bollocks they say in shampoo ads about the beneficial effects of some made-up chemical or non-existent botanical extract: if you want lovely soft shiny hair just stick yer head out the window. Because you're worth it.

Radio Gloucestershire were trying very hard to get the message out to people that if their water comes back on they mustn't drink it under any circumstances. Sanitation only. But people were ringing in with the most extraordinary questions. Is it OK to make ice cubes with it? Can I use it to wash my dishes if I squirt a bit of bleach in with it? Aaargh!

And talking of radio, if anyone wants to listen to my interview there's a repeat of it on Wednesday 1st August from 7-10pm (BST) on Rock247Online. I'm on during the first hour and then again in the third hour, along with seven of my songs! That's quite a coup for a musician of my (*ahem*) modest status. I finally have a release date for the album too ... 7th August. Woohoo!

And I'm also interviewed on a music podcast which came out today, available to listen to or download any time.


Greenmantle said...

Well done for the radio work mate..not sure if I will be able to cathc the live show, os have downloaded the podcast.
I have to make a long and tedious journey on Sunday, but have a new mp3 player to fiddle with en-route, so I will "check you out", as it were (ooo-er!)



kate said...

Those are great pics! If it rains here, I'm sticking my head out the window. The sun's frying up my hair!

People ask the weirdest questions... I hope your water gets turned on soon ... especially the drinkable - and ice-making kind!

Congratulations on the radio show and also on the upcoming release of your album!

Anonymous said...

Reduced to licking plates! I do it anyway, flooding or no!

Matron said...

Great to see you are putting a smile on, despite what must be a difficult time. What's the garden like?

A wildlife gardener said...

Congratulations on your radio prime time...and good luck with the new album :)

We're rained out and windswept and in need of some warmth from the sun. You have little and are suffering from drought. Yorkshire has had hellish floods, and blogpals I visit are having phenomenal temperatures, where they can hardly go outside! everything is tapsalteerie, as we say in these parts...which means upside down!

Rebsie Fairholm said...

Thanks very much for all the good wishes everyone!

Kate - we finally got the water turned back on after 8 days, but it's still not safe to drink without boiling.

John - yeah, I must admit I'm a habitual plate-licker, though if my mum saw me doing it she would do her nut.

Matron - the garden is confused, and looking very sorry for itself. It's not really been a good year for growing anything. Even the weeds are looking shocked.

WG - I've not heard the word tapsalteerie before, that's a good one!

Anonymous said...

Move over Gene Simmons .. that's some tongue you got there :-) Do you think you could come round one day and clean the bath for me ?? Pleasure to be of assistance .. that's wot fiends are fur luv from Bryony xx

Rebsie Fairholm said...